Welcome to the website of the World Human Powered Vehicle Association. The WHPVA supports human-powered vehicle competition and ratifies and maintains performance records for the purpose of promoting advancements in human-power technology. On this side you are informed about pieces of news, like modifications of competition rules or record categories, newest records and the next events.


Last WHPVA Records 2014:

LAND - WOMEN'S 12 HOUR STANDING START - Single Rider: Kirsten Niederlein (D)

LAND -MEN'S 12 HOUR STANDING START - Multiple Rider: Guy Martin (E), Jason Miles (E)

LAND -MEN'S 24 HOUR STANDING START - Multiple Rider: Guy Martin (E), Jason Miles (E)

LAND - MEN'S 12 HOUR STANDING START - Single Rider: Wulf Kraneis (D)

LAND - WOMEN'S 24 HOUR STANDING START - Single Rider: Petra von Fintel (D)

Last WHPVA Record 2013 in the category "WATER - MIXED 24 HOUR - STANDING START SPEED TRIAL (Multiple Rider Relay)"


World Championship Belgium 2015

21-23 August 2015 in Maasmechelen

WHPVA WC Belgium 2015


World Championship France 2014

From 8.-10. August 2014-Saône - 15km south west of Besançon and near river Le Doubs

Reviews of former WHPVA World Championships

World Championship Germany 2013

The venue for the HPV World Championship 2013 has also been fixed.
HPV Deutschland e.V. has decided to host this at Leer,
on 21. - 23. June 2013.

HPV Germany


WHPVA World Championships 2013

World Championship Britain 2012

HPV World Championship 2012 in Great Britain at Fowlmead in Kent, 8. - 10. June 2012

Review at www.whpva.org



Review at www.wc2012.bhpc.org.uk

WC 2012 Great BritainReview - HPV World Championship 2012